Freds Italian 78

Richard – Reaching His Goals

Richard has come a long way since he entered a Thresholds program several years ago and much further... to the Holy Land, in fact!

Richard lives in one of Thresholds’ residential treatment programs and works on a variety of skills that help him become more independent and successful in the community. Josh, the manager, makes a priority of encouraging his residents to be out in the community as much as possible, learning work and social skills.

Several years ago, Josh connected with a couple of local restaurants, including Fred’s Italian Restaurant, and pitched the idea of giving residents some practice at job skills. Sam, the owner of Fred’s, agreed and now most mornings Richard helps prepare the restaurant for opening. We’re grateful to Fred’s for partnering with us to provide this valuable opportunity.

Richard is proud to do the tasks well and efficiently. He’s become so confident that he obtained a second temporary job all on his own and saved his earnings for a trip with his church to Israel.