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How We Can Help

No one needs to feel alone. We’re proud of our team’s kindness and passion to help others.

Our Goals

  • Support people to live the life they choose in as many ways as possible.

  • Assist people with the specific challenges they face as they work toward their fullest potential.

  • Connect people to the community, promoting experiences that match their interests, choices and abilities.

  • Treat each person we encounter as an individual deserving dignity and respect.

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Living at a
Thresholds Home

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Individual Community
Living Supports

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Relief for
Fulltime Caregivers

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Supporting Individuals in Nursing Homes

Thresholds’ support of individuals extends even into the nursing home. Our professional staff provide mental health services to nursing home residents with intellectual disabilities who need more supports than the facility can provide.

Thresholds is the only provider of this service for those with intellectual/developmental disabilities in Kent County. We can provide this service in any facility.

Here’s how one caregiver describes the help we provide:

I’m very happy with my nephew’s progress since moving to the nursing home and receiving Thresholds’ services. He has improved greatly and is a ‘new person.’ Before moving into the nursing home, he was much more of a loner.

Welcoming Volunteers

Volunteer support helps Thresholds bridge the gap between limited financial and staff resources and the need to enhance our homes and services.

Thresholds volunteers paint fences, help clean out storage areas, install gardens and refresh landscaping at our homes. Other volunteers join our Life Skills events, meeting the individuals we serve and creating positive relationships. One of the most important benefits of volunteerism is the bond it creates among the staff, individuals-served and supporters.

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