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Hannah Is Thriving at Thresholds

Hannah is a young woman with autism. She lived with her parents until moving to a Thresholds home a few years ago, at age 17. When she came to Thresholds, she was struggling with intense behaviors that were causing her harm. She was unhappy and angry much of the time.

Hannah’s treatment at Thresholds has been transformational. She’s built strong relationships with the staff at her home, learning to trust them. Through the staff’s guidance and coaching, Hannah is becoming more independent and copes better in stressful situations.

Hannah’s mom is “grateful for the advances Hannah has made.” She knows that Thresholds is the right place for her. Carrie, Hannah’s teacher, marvels at Hannah’s progress in dealing with what used to be overwhelming situations for her.

Hannah has also become much more social. She handles herself better during community activities and enjoys spending time with her housemates. According to staff, “She’s a joy to have around.”

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